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someone bout to get unfriended

So much going on in these gifs. Y’all see the ladies in the front row? One shaking her head in disgust at this question. One laughing cause it is so stupid. One just staring like “she really ask this damn question?”. One side eyeing Wendy like “Girl, you really want to ask THAT question?” and the one of the end like “Yes but if I clap, I know I am gonna get clapped by this woman next to me. So I’ll just slightly move my head.”

Then in the upper left, some Tamar Braxton fan is trying to agree LOUDLY and the Beyhive yanked her up real quick. 

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this is my favorite thing on the internet

Suddenly she seems a lot more interesting.

Paris is interesting to me because when she is being serious and smart, her voice changes from the annoying high pitched nasal voice that she puts on for the camera to a deeper voice. When she talks with her deeper voice, it is like a normal person has appeared and she got rid of this character that she puts on. I like deeper voiced paris. 

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Phaedra Parks’ LEGENDARY takedown of Kenya Moore

THE READ HEARD AROUND THE WORLD. I wish there was a gif showing how silent it was for shout 5 seconds. Lol

This was fucking brutal

It was SILENT lmao

Raising the bar on Reading

omg girl they do kenya terrible

It’s like she was waiting so long to say that to her… but did we all see the interviewer’s face lol. hilarious lol (he couldn’t get control back..speechless) lol

This is how imagine women feel after getting a new weave. I say this cause this is how I feel whenever I get right out the barber’s chair. 

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